My name is Joshua Sosha and I love fitness and being muscular. I love the feeling I get when I work out, the pump from lifting weights. It all started early on in my childhood. As I child growing up, I always looked up to my dad, he was a bodybuilder. I would always mess around with my dad doing bicep curls with those tiny weights. I would watch him lift weights at home, rep after rep. I became fascinated. Also, I would always buy those action man toys, I would love Dragon Ball Z. As you know, all the characters in Dragon Ball Z have muscular physiques. You see I was fascinated with being fit, functional and muscular early on in my childhood. Every time I would watch movies like BATMAN, ROCKY and CREED. I loved the scenes where they would get into shape, workout and get fit for the fight. I never admired…

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Custom Programs

I will construct and put together a 100% custom workout program based on your fitness goals. just email me about your fitness goals and i will send you a invoice. i write 4,8 and 12 week programs.

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1 hr - $126 - have all your fitness questions answered

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full package one on one online coaching

Based on your fitness goals, past injuries and struggles - $380 per month - comes with a custom workout and meal plans tailored towards your fitness goals , skype conversations, form analysis, unlimited email consultations and training log.

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